Justice delayed, justice denied

Justice delayed
Justice denied
Justice waiting on the sidelines
Waiting to be called on to the field
And play a part in liberty

Justice is not blind
It sees who’s been wronged
It knows who committed the crime

It’s you who ties the blindfold
You who puts justice on hold
Cannot reconcile the past with tomorrow
You choose not to see

But justice, it is clear
Burdened by your complicity
Its shrewd vision sharply skewed

And if we know justice
Can we not bring it to the fore?
Must we wait for it to be served?

Served by you it comes in drivels
Hardly enough to quench the thirst for truth
Drips of water for hungry souls
Instead of a flood to feed the bereaved

In your grip, justice is shackled
Chained to convenient lies
Hidden behind a veil of caged animals and murderers
Aging dictators and their loyal traitors

A smokescreen of comfort for the masses
While martyr’s mothers burn in restless nights
Not knowing which to fight – grief or negligence

Oh Lady Justice
Elusive, demure
Will not make the first move
Will not make it easy on you
Despite polite platitudes
And grandiose overtures

It sits, silently screaming
Watching you miss the point
Over and over and over

Till you’re through bearing brutality
Afraid to speak
Numb to the voices of the weak

Justice – just is waiting
For you to want it enough
For passion to move you, to move

For anger to boil over the brim
Spill lava-like and melt your hardened conscience
To rouse you conscious
Keep you awake at night

Like the memory of a lost love
Close, but never near enough
Always out of grasp
Like the happiness of innocence
Gone brittle with time

Justice enjoys the chase
The thrill of the race for integrity
Once in your clutches like concrete
It crumbles to pieces
Slithers away to an urgent destination

Puts you on her road again
An eternal search
With no rescue in sight

No matter how right your case may be
Another injustice sits around the corner
Waiting for its soldiers
Cuz this world
Just is never
Just enough

*Amira Salah-Ahmed